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  • Coolidge Prize for Journalism
    The Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation proudly announces the second annual Coolidge Prize for Journalism, a $20,000 prize for short writing of published articles or published blog posts under 800 words each. Deadline to apply: September 26, 2014.
  • Vermont Youth: Apply for the 2014 Calvin Prize
    Compete in our second annual Calvin Prize writing contest. First-place wins $1,500 and the runner-up wins $500. All finalists' entries will have an opportunity to be published on our website. Deadline: September 26, 2014.

Remembering Calvin Coolidge on Labor Day

I cannot think of anything that represents the American people as a whole so adequately as honest work. We perform different tasks, but the spirit is the same. We are proud of work and ashamed of idleness. With us there is no task which is menial, no service which is degrading. All work is ennobling and all workers are ennobled.[1]

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Calvin Coolidge’s Surprise Contribution to Progressivism

The decade of the 1920s is often referred to as the Republican ascendancy because of the return to conservatism in contrast to the progressivism of the early 20th century. Presidents Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover dominated this era and tended to govern with a conservative philosophy. Nevertheless this decade was also a battleground of political philosophy between conservatives and progressives and often the role of government and the Constitution was at the center of this war of ideas. This was especially true in the United States Supreme Court.

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August 11 Naturalization Ceremony at the Notch

“[W]hen once our feet have touched this soil, when once we have made this land our home, wherever our place of birth, whatever our race, we are all blended in one common country. All artificial distinctions of lineage and rank are cast aside. We all rejoice in the title of Americans.” Calvin Coolidge

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