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2016 Hopefuls Laud Coolidge

I often lament the fact that Calvin Coolidge is the “forgotten president,” and many who comment on our Facebook page often remark that Calvin Coolidge is “the most underrated president.” Well it seems recently that a number of men interested in joining the ranks of Coolidge’s White House successors have him on their mind! This is fantastic!

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Living the Life on Coolidge Street

Check out this great article about the value of homes on streets named after American presidents. Zillow’s survey found that streets named after President Coolidge host the most expensive homes among presidential streets:

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Calvin Coolidge and the Principles of Federalism

In the aftermath of the Great War (World War I) the politics of the nation turned in a more conservative direction as the Republicans swept the White House in the presidential election of 1920 with the victory of Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge.

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