Is it time for Coolidge? Civility. Thrift. Restrained government. A balanced federal budget. Stable money. Restrained foreign policy. Respect for commerce. Respect for teachers. Respect for faith. Respect for the presidency. Respect for traditional federalism. These were the values of the thirtieth president.

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Calvin Coolidge: A Man of Many Offices

On January 6, 1933, the day after President Coolidge died, The New York Times, in its obituary for the departed president, recalled an anecdote about Silent Cal. A woman at a dinner party asked the president what his hobby was? Calvin’s reply: “Holding Office.”

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Modern American Conservatism: A Spirited Conversation at the Hoover Institution

It can be said with a high degree of certainty that Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hooverdid not have the warmest of relationships. As the trailblazing Secretary of Commerce Hoover campaigned for industry standardization and greatly increased the influence and power of the sleepy backwater Commerce Department. Coolidge never thought highly of Hoover’s activist sentiments, referring to him as “wonderboy.” Nonetheless, Coolidge supported Hoover in both 1928 and 1932, giving his last public speech in the run-up to the 1932 presidential election in Hoover’s favor.

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John and Victoria Coolidge: Parents of Presidential Stature

They were Vermont Yankees, through and through. Pillars of the Plymouth Notch community, friends to all and enemies to none. That is how history remembers this couple, from whose union came the thirtieth president of the United States. John and Victoria Coolidge welcomed a little auburn baby into their modest home in the back of the General Store on Independence Day, 1872. One can only imagine the hopes and dreams Victoria held in her heart and mind for that dear son. Did she dare to dream that her firstborn son would one day sit in the Oval Office?

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