Celebrating the Coolidge Dollar in New York City

May 14, 2014

On Monday, May 5, the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation hosted a special event at the Union League Club in New York City to celebrate the release of the 2014 Calvin Coolidge Presidential $1 Coin from the United States Mint.

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Calvin Coolidge and the Spirit of the Constitution

May 13, 2014

Much like our present time, Coolidge’s era was one of great interest in and debate about the nature of the U.S. Constitution. Constitutional historian Melvin I. Urofsky described the 1920s “as a battleground between traditionalists fearful of the new ways and modernists eager to shed the shackles of older ideas and practices.”[i] At the center of this battle was the Constitution and whether the Constitution was a document that limited the role of government or evolved and changed to meet the challenges of the 20th century by giving the federal government more power.

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Coolidge Autobiography: Chapter One Audio

May 12, 2014

President Coolidge’s autobiography is an intimate look at the life of the President in his own words. With his admirable New England humor and compelling narrative style, Coolidge recounts the sights and sounds of his rural Vermont upbringing, his impressive thirst for education, and the years of public service he devoted to the people in Northampton, Boston, and, ultimately, Washington, D.C.

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Investigating Liquor at Amherst

May 2, 2014

Will my child get in trouble at college? And how can I stop it?

Those are the questions parents ask themselves when their children set out for university. President Coolidge was no different — as evidenced by a telegram recently uncovered in the Library of Congress by researcher Sim Smiley. The wire was from Attorney General Harlan Stone, Amherst Class of 1894, to a federal agent.

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Preserving the Coolidge Legacy

March 24, 2014

Why doesn’t Coolidge have a big national library like, say, President Bush, President Clinton, President Carter or President Truman? One reason Coolidge doesn’t have such a library is that the presidential library laws were different in his time. Another reason though was that Coolidge resisted large monuments. He simply didn’t believe in the “great man” theory of history.

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