The Coolidge Cup Comes to New York

February 11, 2016

On Saturday, February 6 the Coolidge Foundation partnered with the New York City Urban Debate League to sponsor the first Coolidge Cup Invitational. More than 400 New York City debaters converged on Bronx Science and Bronx Collaborative High Schools for this day of contest. Students debated whether or not the federal government should implement a carbon tax. The day began with a seminar and mock debate led by Dr. Ike Brannon. Dr. Brannon is president of the consulting firm Capital Policy Analytics and head of the Savings and Retirement Foundation. He has worked on Capitol Hill in a number of capacities, including as chief economist for the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Dr. Brannon explained a number of tax-related concepts to the students, including how taxes can be used to discourage people from purchasing taxed items. We were very grateful to have him join us for the event.

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Calvin Coolidge: the Best President You Don’t Know

February 3, 2016

Americans today place enormous pressure on presidents to “do something”…anything, to get the economy going. There was one president, though, Calvin Coolidge, who did “nothing” — other than shrink government. What happened? America’s economy boomed. Is there a lesson to be learned? Award-winning author, historian, and biographer Amity Shlaes thinks so.

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Presidential Interior Design: A History of the White House

December 9, 2015

This infographic from The Rug Seller shows the tremendous changes the White House has undergone through the decades; embracing new interior design styles while letting them sit comfortably next to some antique furniture that has been in the White House for decades. As you’ll see by the infographic rugs are far more than functional flooring coverings that give comfort underfoot. Although they do just that, they’re also used to make a statement and what better place to make a visual statement than the White House? It is common practice that each President is allocated their own renovation budget to enable him to add his mark, so to speak, on interior design aspects. Many choose, or their First Lady does, a new design for the rug in this famous room during their time in the Oval Office. The rug itself is one subtle method of letting the world have a visual representation behind their ideologies reflecting the era and personality of each President while they are in office.

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Address to the Convention of the National Education Association

November 24, 2015

For almost a century and a half the Fourth of July has been marked as Independence Day. It has been given over to the contemplation of those principles and those institutions which America peculiarly represents. In times gone by the exuberance of youth and the consciousness of power recently gained has often made it an occasion for boastfulness. Long orations have been made, which consisted for the most part of a reassurance to ourselves and a notice to the world that we were a great Nation. Those days are past. Our own people need no reassurance, the world needs no notice, of this long self evident conclusion. Our country has not ceased to glory in its strength, but it has come to a realization that it must have something more than numbers and wealth, something more than a fleet and an army, to satisfy the longing of the soul. It knows that to power must be added wisdom, and to greatness must be added morality. It is no longer so solicitous to catalogue the powers which it possesses, as to direct those great forces for the spiritual advancement of the American people at home and the discharge of the obligations to humanity abroad. America is turning from the things that are seen to the things that are unseen.

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