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GRACE COOLIDGE’S RADIO DEBUT OVER STATION NAA ON DECEMBER 4, 1922 By Jerry L. Wallace Next year is a centennial year for President Calvin Coolidge. But this year marks a […]

The Great 1928 Budget Debate

We tend to project our own assumptions about party positions onto events long past. For example, we assume that Democrats always advocated for increased government spending, at least more so […]

The Coolidges Move West

Are you a Coolidge? Coolidge family members and friends will be gathering at Plymouth Notch, Vt to mark the 99th anniversary of Coolidge’s historic homestead inauguration. Below, attendee Christine Coolidge […]

Tige, the Presidential Cat, Goes Missing in A Snowstorm: Radio Comes to The Rescue.

By Jerry Wallace The Coolidges were both pet lovers. The President was particularly fond of cats, while the First Lady was partial to dogs. A pair of kittens arrived at […]

August 2nd Annual Gala “Under the Tent”

August 20, 2014

Photo Aug 02, 8 44 55 PM

August 2nd was a busy day for the Coolidge Foundation, with annual meeting, Plymouth Old Home Day, Reeve Lindbergh’s lecture, and the homestead inaugural keeping us occupied from sun up to sun down. We were pleased to round out the day with our annual Gala Dinner “Under the Tent,” which featured remarks by former Vermont Governor James H. Douglas, who spoke about the unfortunate degree of incivility that exists in  the contemporary public discourse. The dinner also included a recitation of President Coolidge’s famous speech “Have Faith in Massachusetts,” which was performed by Kathryn Bassette, a 12th grade student from Hartland, VT, and Rebecca Black, an 11th grade student from Tyngsborough, MA, who both attended our home school debate camp. You can view more photos on our Flickr page.

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