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Joseph Fountain: Witness to the Inauguration

by Paul D. Houle Joseph Fountain, the twenty-four-year-old editor of the Springfield Reporter, scooped every reporter in Vermont—indeed, in the world—with his account of the presidential inauguration of Calvin Coolidge. […]

The Mellon Plan: The Legislative Fight for the First Supply-Side Tax Reforms

By The Honorable French Hill Tax reform isn’t easy, but it is possible. Even dramatic tax reform. Today, when many doubt that proposition, it’s useful to look back at another […]

Calvin Coolidge and the Post-Armistice Chlorine Gas Campaign

By Robert M. Klein, M.D., Columbia University Irving Medical Center On May 18, 1924, First Congregational Church in Washington held its regular service. But this Sunday, one important congregant was […]


GRACE COOLIDGE’S RADIO DEBUT OVER STATION NAA ON DECEMBER 4, 1922 By Jerry L. Wallace Next year is a centennial year for President Calvin Coolidge. But this year marks a […]

Coolidge Foundation Visits Derby Line

May 2, 2016

conversationI enjoyed my annual visit bringing the story of Calvin Coolidge’s life and presidency to the enthusiastic fourth-graders at Derby Elementary School up near the Canadian border in Derby Line, VT. Thank you to their teachers, Debra Battista, Jennie Davis, and Amy Nadeau for inviting me each year. After a presentation in each classroom focusing on the Homestead Inauguration, we walked a short distance to my portable hands-on exhibit of photographs, political cartoons and artifacts set up in the school’s library.

what a winThe Spring Docent Meeting and Lunch was held on April 28 to gear up for our upcoming spring and summer season. We appreciate and thank our dedicated volunteers who lead History Exploration in small groups when school, camp, debate, and other programs come to visit. Please let me know if you are interested in volunteering. This is a great time to start as you can join in a group as an observer to get an idea of our rich conversations as we explore this unique village. Docents will also be opening the schoolhouse on Thursdays and Saturdays. Please let me know if you’d like to spend enjoyable two hour shifts (1 to 3 p.m.) sharing the Schoolhouse and it’s varied exhibits with the public.


This lovely message just came from one of the Derby Line teachers:
“Sometimes it seems as if we live so far away from activities and exhibits where our children can enjoy learning by living in rural Vermont near Canada.  But then we are given a present each year by your generous time and travel.  Our students have the opportunity to learn about an important individual and time in our history. Words are not enough to let you know how very much you and your information are appreciated. Thank you so much and have a wonderful spring and summer season.”  Jennie M. Davis

Diane Kemble, Education Director

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