The John Clark Campaign Collection

The Coolidge Foundation is proud to partner with John Clark and share his collection of Coolidge-related campaign items. Mr. Clark has been an avid collector of political campaign paraphernalia for decades, and over the years has complied a sizable collection of items related to Calvin Coolidge’s various political campaigns. His collection encompasses everything from campaign buttons to license plates to fans. View individual pieces with descriptions at the following links or browse the full gallery at the bottom of the page.

Learn about individual pieces by clicking on the below links!

Automobile License Plate | Campaign Speech Record | Keep Cool-idge

The Coolidge-Dawes Lincoln Tour | Coolidge Fan | Harding & Coolidge

Jugates | Vice Presidential Notification | Coolidge Again

 Coolidge & Dawes Campaign Button | Delegate Badges | 20th Amendment

 Cambridge 1925 | Coolidge & Roosevelt Jr. | Coolidge Window Sticker

 Coolidge Club | Compact