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The Coolidge Centennial is only three short years away. To prepare, the Coolidge Foundation is building a digital archive of Calvin Coolidge’s speeches and press conferences. We need your help! As a volunteer “Coolidge Scribe,” you can help preserve presidential history while sharing Silent Cal’s wisdom and timeless values with generations of Americans to come. 

The Challenge. Coolidge has no modern presidential library, and many of his speeches are not accessible online. We need your help editing, proofreading, and in some cases transcribing the non-digitized versions. Sign-up to volunteer as a Coolidge Scribe at this link. All volunteers will receive recognition online next to the speech or press conference they prepare for digital publication. 

Coolidge speeches that are already available in digital format can be found in the Coolidge Foundation’s Archive. The speeches you see below are the speeches currently unavailable that we seek to digitize. Once a speech has been prepared by a volunteer and reviewed by the Coolidge Foundation, the speech title in the list below will turn green and become viewable, and the speech itself will be added to the Archive. Note: this digitization project will proceed in phases. Archival work is underway to add more speeches to the list below of those to be digitized, but there’s plenty of work to get started on in the meantime. By the Coolidge Centennial in 2023 we hope to have as complete an archive as possible. Thank you for your interest in this project and for being a valued member of the Coolidge community!

Speeches to be Digitized

Speeches highlighted in green have been digitized!

Speech Date Location Edited by:
Address at the Sixteenth Regular Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government January 28, 1929 Washington, DC Sam Reddick
Pan American Conference on Arbitration and Conciliation December 10, 1928 Washington, DC Ellie Rose Mattoon
Address before the National Grange Convention November 16, 1928 Washington, DC Craig Eyermann
Address at the Observance of the Tenth Anniversary of the Armistice under the Auspices of the American Legion November 11, 1928 Washington, DC Robert Manchester
Address at Presentation of Medal to Thomas A. Edison October 20, 1928 Washington, DC Arjun Nageswaran
Dedicating the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County Battle Fields Memorial October 19, 1928 Fredericksburg, VA Kevin DeVries
Address before the General Convention of the Episcopal Church October 10, 1928 Washington, DC Kaien Yang
Dedicating a Memorial to Colonel William Colvill July 29, 1928 Cannon Falls, MN John Struck
Address at the Fifteenth Regular Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government June 11, 1928 Washington, DC
Address at the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of Phillips Academy, Andover MA May 19, 1928 Andover, MA Dustin Speckhals
Address at a Joint Meeting of the American Federation of Arts and American Association of Museums May 16, 1928 Washington, DC Matthew Merritt
Address before the Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution April 16, 1928 Washington, DC John Hendrickson
Accepting the Statue of President Andrew Jackson April 15, 1928 Washington, DC Greg Harkenrider
Dedication of the New Building of the National Press Club February 4, 1928 Washington, DC Alex Bavalsky
Address at the Fourteenth Regular Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government January 30, 1928 Washington, DC Judah Millen
1927 Budget Message December 5, 1927 Washington, DC Frank Harder
Dedication of the New Mexico Stone in the Washington Monument December 2, 1927 Dwight Mendenall
Address before the Union League of Philadelphia November 17, 1927 Philadelphia, PA Joanne Dooley
Address at the Awarding to Col. Charles A. Lindbergh by the National Geographic Society of the Hubbard Medal November 14, 1927 Washington, DC James George
Accepting the Monument of General George Gordon Meade October 19, 1927 Washington, DC Lisa Sullivan
Annual Observance of Founder’s Day at Carnegie Institute October 13, 1927 Pittsburgh, PA Tiana Luo
Opening Meeting of the International Radiotelegraph Conference October 4, 1927 Washington, DC Milo Chang
Annual Meeting of the American Red Cross October 3, 1927 Washington, DC David McCann
Dedicating Wicker Memorial Park to World War Veterans June 14, 1927 Hammond, IN David McCann
First International Congress of Soil Science June 13, 1927 Washington, DC Dennis Peterson
Address at the Thirteenth Regular Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government June 10, 1927 Washington, DC Cody Uman
Memorial Exercises at Arlington, Virginia May 30, 1927 Arlington, VA Cindy Phan
Annual Session of the American Medical Association May 17, 1927 Washington, DC Tim Spielman
Third Pan American Commercial Conference May 3, 1927 Washington, DC John McCleod
Dinner of the United Press at New York City April 25, 1927 New York, NY Rohit Kataria
Message to the Senate Returning Without Approval S.4808— The McNary- Haugen Farm Relief Bill February 25, 1927 Washington, DC David Diao
Address before the Congress Sitting in Joint Session in the House of Representatives February 22, 1927 Washington, DC Conner Huey
Address at the Twelfth Regular Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government January 29, 1927 Washington, DC James George
Address at the 150th Anniversary of the Battles of Trenton and Princeton December 29, 1926 Trenton, NJ Benjamin Crair
Dedication of the Liberty Memorial at Kansas City November 11, 1926 Kansas City, MO John McCleod
American Association of the Advertising Agencies October 27, 1926 Washington, DC David McCann
Address at the Eleventh Regular Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government June 21, 1926 Washington, DC Robert Manchester
Ways to Peace May 31, 1926 Arlington, VA Dennis Peterson and Anne Cherico
John Ericsson May 29, 1926 Washington, DC Mary Christopher
Training Youth for Character May 1, 1926 Washington, DC Caleb Oh
The New Responsibilities of Women April 19, 1926 Washington, DC Joanne Dooley and Katherine McPhie 
Journalism in the New World April 8, 1926 Washington, DC Alvino-Mario Fantini
Department of Superintendence of the National Education Association February 22, 1926 Washington, DC Robert Manchester
Constructive Economy January 30, 1926 Washington, DC John Sullivan III
The Farmer and the Nation December 7, 1925 Chicago, IL Dwight Mendenall
José de San Martin, Latin-American Liberator October 28, 1925 Washington, DC Sarah Chen
Address before the Forty-Second International Convention of the Young Men’s Christian Association of the United States and Canada October 24, 1925 Washington, DC John Sullivan III
Annual Council of the Congregational Churches October 20, 1925 Washington, DC Robert Manchester
Toleration and Liberalism October 6, 1925 Omaha, NE Robert Manchester
Address at the Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of George Washington Taking Command of the Continental Army July 3, 1925 Cambridge, MA Tamara Harken
Address at a Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government June 22, 1925 Washington, DC
Contribution of the Norsemen to America June 8, 1925 Minnesota State Fairgrounds, MN Robert Manchester
The Navy as an Instrument of Peace June 3, 1925 Annapolis, MD Robert Manchester
The Reign of Law May 30, 1925 Arlington National Cemetery Hilary Weber
Address on the Anniversary of the First Continental Congress September 25, 1924 Philadelphia, PA David McCann
The High Place of Labor September 1, 1924 The White House John Sullivan III
Message to the House of Representatives Returning Without Approval a Bill Providing for Adjusted  May 15, 1924 Washington, DC Kelly Hess
Annual Luncheon of Associated Press April 22, 1924 New York, New York Robert Manchester
President Coolidge’s Appeal to Americans to Relieve Distress in Japanese Earthquake September 3, 1923 Washington, DC Kelly Hess
The Green Mountains June 12, 1923 Burlington, VT John McLeod
The Old North Church April 18, 1923 Boston, MA John Struck
William McKinley April 17, 1923 Cambridge, MA Robert Manchester
The Foundation of Our Institutions April 13, 1923 Albany, NY Robert Manchester
Progress Towards Freedom February 12, 1923 Tuskegee, AL Joshua Tyler Williams
Massachusetts and the Nation February 2, 1923 Washington, DC Matt Denhart
The Price of Freedom January 21, 1923 Evanston, IL Anne Cherico
The Needs of Education December 21, 1922 Reynoldsville, PA Tamara Harken
The Limitations of the Law August 10, 1922 San Francisco, CA Amelia Murphy
The Meaning of Democracy August 2, 1922 Wellesley Hills, MA Robert Manchester
Great Virginians July 6, 1922 Fredericksburg, VA Jared Rhoads
The Instruments of Progress June 7, 1922 Washington, DC Gregory Harkenrider
Ulysses S. Grant April 27, 1922 Washington, DC Joan Boren
The Purpose of America February 22, 1922 Baltimore, MD Tamara Harken
A Message to the Legislature of Massachusetts Accompanying the Governor’s Veto May 6, 1920 Boston, MA Rob Hammer
Statement to the Press November 4, 1919 Boston, MA Robert Manchester
Speech at Tremont Temple November 1, 1919 Boston, MA David McCann
Holy Cross College June 25, 1919 Worcester, MA Robert Manchester
Lafayette Banquet September 4, 1916 Fall River, MA Vincent Scanlan
Riverside August 28. 1916 Riverside, MA Andrew Lu
At the Home of Daniel Webster July 4, 1916 Marshfield, MA James George
Amherst College Alumni Association February 4, 1916 Boston, MA Vincent Scanlan
A Prize Essay 1895 Amherst, MA John Ferrell