The 1890 Society

The 1890 Society is the Coolidge Foundation’s honor society for alumni specifically of the Coolidge debate program.

The name of this honor society is a reference to young Calvin Coolidge’s first public speech, which he delivered on May 23, 1890, at the Black River Academy commencement ceremony (his high school graduation). The topic of the speech was “Oratory in History.” It was received positively by the audience and Coolidge’s teachers, and was praised in the regional newspaper.

The name for the society is fitting for three reasons: 1) that 1890 speech was an important moment in Coolidge’s growth as a public speaker, 2) it was delivered at a high school commencement, which is the same stage of life that our student debaters are at, and 3) the speech itself was about the value and importance of oratory.  

Membership in the 1890 Society is a selective honor. It is for students who have finished high school, and who have demonstrated significant achievement in speech and debate as well as exceptional interest and involvement in the Coolidge Foundation. The 1890 Society enables us to stay connected with our debater alumni as they move on to their professional lives, or to college, or wherever their journey takes them.

Class of 2022

  • Eliana Martin
  • Luke Pollock
  • Joshua Wales
  • Nathanael Kolssak
  • Patrick McDonald
  • Maggie Von Canon
  • Luke Carlsen
  • Chloe Peters
  • Sam Borne
  • Josie Sedam
  • Danielle Miller

Class of 2021

  • Elijah Anumolu
  • Thaddian Burson
  • Luke Castle
  • Ethan Delves
  • Logan Grodsky
  • Brendan Lynch
  • Cormac Lynch
  • Brendan McDonald
  • Jaden Rams
  • Matthew Tweden
  • Loreley Godfrey

Class of 2020

  • Ryan Brady
  • Judah Brousseau
  • Tyler Burkhardt
  • Lindsey Gradowski
  • Lauren Melton
  • Uma Menon
  • Caleb Sampson
  • Ezra Schrader
  • Aubrey Wieberg
  • Jacob Zampino

Inaugural Class for Alumni Pre-Dating 2020

  • Joshua Anumolu
  • Griffin Badalamente
  • Kathryn Bassette
  • Luis Benitez
  • Audrey Cooper
  • David Costello
  • Feiry Guaba
  • Noah Hines
  • Shreyas Iyer
  • Max Jackman
  • Devesh Kodnani
  • Caleb Leaser
  • Zoe Lovelace
  • Jack McCordick
  • Abdulkareem Odeh
  • Raj Singh
  • Annaclare Splettstoeszer
  • Kuangye Wang