Coolidge Chronology

Legislation Proposals

Coolidge Presidential Legislation: Proposals made in address to Congress, December 6, 1923: First State of the Union to be broadcast on Radio.

First State of the Union to be broadcast via radio. Key recommendations included: TAX CUT of 25%. The federal income tax was instituted in 1913 and in 1917 and there was a temporary war tax measure. The economically disadvantaged and middle class Americans did not pay income taxes. After Coolidge proposed cuts, Congress reduced the surtax to 40%; the estate tax was increased and a gift tax was added. Other proposals: Railroads: he favors consolidation and rate increases. Highways: in 1923, he favors government spending. Reforestation: he is in favor. Coal Strike: He wants power to appoint commissions to aid conciliation and voluntary arbitration. Government reorganization: he supports the new Bureau of the Budget, and encourages reforms in the civil service, diplomatic corps, and the justice department.