Coolidge Chronology

I Do Not Choose To Run For President

“Edmund Starling, of the Secret Service, gave his opinion of why Coolidge left the presidency: “The novelty of being president had worn off; the glory of it had gone with (young )Calvin’s death; there was no great national crisis which demanded a continuation of his leadership. From now on the office was more a burden than anything else. The steady grind of work was wearing him down, and the duties of the First Lady, plus Washington’s weather, were weakening Mrs. Coolidge’s condition.” (Sobel, p. 372) Many could see that the 1928 election would have gone to Coolidge due to ” Coolidge Prosperity”. In 1929, his last Annual Message noted that we have prosperity but “We must extend to other countries the largest measure of generosity.” “Our country has been provided with the resources with which it can enlarge its intellectual, moral, and spiritual life. The issue is in the hands of its people. Our faith in man and God is the justification for the belief in our continuing success.” (Sobel, p. 387)

The surplus was $398 million and Coolidge was pleased with 1928’s economy. July, 1927: Coolidge told his secretary, Everett Sanders, “Now–I am not going to run for president. If I should serve as president again, I should serve almost ten years, which is too long for a president in this country.” He handed Sanders his statement: “I do not choose to run for president in 1928.” (Sobel, p. 368)