Quotations – H


“Savages have no history.”

Source: “At The Home Of Daniel Webster,” on July 4, 1916. As found in Have Faith in Massachusetts.

Home Ownership

“The moral power of the nation rests on the home, the schoolhouse, and the place of worship. The government looks after education and few churches are overcrowded. But home owners are too few.”

Source: Calvin Coolidge Says, July 21, 1930.


“I very soon learned that making fun of people in a public way was not a good method to secure friends, or likely to lead to much advancement, and I have scrupulously avoided it.”

Source: Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge, p. 71.


“I think the idea that I might go hunting in Kentucky arose from the fact that the bird dog that was given me in Superior [Wisconsin] I had Colonel Starling send down to a friend of his in Kentucky, who is a very fine trainer of dogs. I presume that all the hunting I will do in Kentucky will be done by proxy through this dog.”

Source: “Press Conference,” on September 14, 1928.

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