Calvin Coolidge Says, December 3, 1930

Date: December 3, 1930

Location: Northampton, MA

Summary: President Coolidge reviews President Hoover’s “Annual Message to the Congress on the State of the Union.” The address, delivered on December 02, 1930, dealt primarily with the government’s response to the worsening economic crisis. President Coolidge lauds Hoover for striking a measured tone in a time of crisis.

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The striking feature of the annual message of the President is its sanity and restraint. It fits the occasion because it includes so little about which there is any reason for partisan controversy. Evidently there is full recognition that under present conditions the country does not need the injection of contentious subjects into legislative consideration so much as it needs an undisturbed opportunity for recuperation.

Of course suggestions are made for such relief for the sufferers from drought and unemployment as can reasonably be expected from the national government through long established policies of public works and seed loans.  But the message carefully recognizes that the main work of the short session is to pass the appropriation bills. Both parties agree to that. While there may be slight differences over particular items, there is no reason for political bickering or delay in securing this necessary legislation.

The President has shown the utmost candor and good faith in accepting the offer of the opposition to co-operate in securing the legislation required to conduct the government. If factional disputes are to be sought for they will have to come from some source outside his annual message.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge Says: Dispatches Written by Former-President Coolidge and Syndicated to Newspapers in 1930-1931 (Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation)

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of Madison Thornton who prepared this document for digital publication.

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