Calvin Coolidge Says, July 17, 1930

Date: July 17, 1930

Location: Northampton, MA

Summary: Coolidge writes that the public supports the President when the country is prosperous or at war, but does not support the President when there are economic problems or is pursuing a policy of peace.

(Original document available here)

It is human nature to blame some one else for our misfortunes. When the people are prosperous we hear little criticism of the President. Support for him comes from all sides when the country has little need of it. But if prosperity diminishes thoughtless voices will be raised against him and his support will diminish when the country has most need of it. This is not only usually an unfair but always a shortsighted and thoroughly suicidal policy. Under a parliamentary system the government could be changed. Ours is in for four years. Confidence in the President is almost identical with confidence in the country and in ourselves. With public support he can do a great deal to save any situation. Moreover, if he cannot save it probably no one else can. It may be proper for the opposition party in the press and the Congress generally to oppose, but in the country at large all responsible people should seek to co-operate with the President in the discharge of his duties. He is the Chief Executive of all the nation. In time of conflict people are urged to support the President to win the war, at other times the same principle may require that he be supported to win peace.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge Says: Dispatches Written by Former-President Coolidge and Syndicated to Newspapers in 1930-1931 (Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation)

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of Fr. Stephen Lawson who prepared this document for digital publication.

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