Coolidge Connection: Jim Cooke

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  1. John Dumville

    Nice to hear Jim’s memory of John Coolidge and Jim’s portrayal of Calvin Coolidge.

  2. Jerry L. Wallace

    Calvin Coolidge was a lucky man, they say. An example of his luck was in having Jim Cooke take up his portrayal of him on stage. “Cooke does Coolidge better than Coolidge did,” so observed The Wall Street Journal. I wrote this of Jim a few years back:

    “No one, I believe, has done more than Jim Cooke in restoring the memory of Calvin Coolidge and in reviving interest in him. His challenge was great, for Jim chose to portray a President considered by many to be dull, tight-lipped, and old-fashioned and a political reactionary of the worst sort. Jim met and overcame this challenge. His rendition of Coolidge the man shatters the stereotypical image. He humanizes Calvin Coolidge, revealing him to be a sentimental person of intelligence and humor, who believes in plain living and is given to plain-speaking and high ideals. Jim’s monologue–based on Coolidge’s own words– leaves you with the impression of Coolidge as an honest, able politician and administrator, guided by a moderate, common sense philosophy and motivated by a genuine desire for public service. All over America today, there are thousands of individuals who think of Coolidge positively, rather than the opposite–thanks to Jim Cooke. ”

    On a personal note, I will say that I admire very much Jim Cooke. He is a true son of New England. He will always be “Mr. President” to me.

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