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50th Anniversary Symposium at the JFK Presidential Library

October 7, 2010

This symposium, held on October 7, 2010 at the John F. Kennedy Library, examined the life and presidency of Calvin Coolidge. The following papers were delivered during the event.  

Robert P. Kirby Welcome to Straight Talk 
Amity Shlaes Silenced Cal and His Economy
David Pietrusza  “A Standard of Righteousness”: The Worldview of Calvin Coolidge
Milton G. Valera, Moderator Calvin Coolidge: A Man of Character– A Panel Discussion 
L. John Van Til  Not “Silent Cal,” Thinking Cal: Correcting the Faulty Historical Image of Calvin Coolidge
Thomas J. Putnam Welcoming Remarks from the Director of the JFK Presidential Library
Michael S. Dukakis Master Politician: Revelations About Calvin Coolidge
Garland S. Tucker III  The 1924 Election—A Landslide Victory for Coolidge
Carl Sferrazza Anthony Off–the-Record: Grace Coolidge’s Emotional Role in Sustaining Calvin Coolidge
Sarwar A. Kashmeri, Moderator Tax Policy and Communications were Vital to Calvin Coolidge’s Success. Are His Strategies Relevant Today?– A Panel Discussion 
Martha Joynt Kumar The Press Conferences of Calvin Coolidge: The Voice of the Man 
Joseph J. Thorndike  A Tea Party for Calvin Coolidge?
John C. Bogle How Calvin Coolidge Could Guide Us Now

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