Coolidge Connection: John Sayles

Music: Jolly Good by Shane Ivers –

4 Responses to “Coolidge Connection: John Sayles”

  1. Todd Menees

    I listened to John Sayles recollections of Calvin and Grace Coolidge. Very interesting stories and brought back fond memories of my Grandparents! His stories about the Plymouth Cheese Factory and cheese curds brought back fond memories of our Parents taking us there and getting fresh cheese curds and Mom buying cheese to bring home. Many Thanks!

  2. Kathy Lynds

    Thanks so much John Sayles for all those wonderful memories. I knew your grandparents for 33 years, as part of the Plymouth community, and worked part time for your grandfather at the cheese factory for 16 years. Your grandparents were wonderful people.

  3. John Dumville

    Thanks, John, for sharing your memories of your grandparents and Plymouth Notch.

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