Letter from Calvin Coolidge to Grace Coolidge

Date: December 8, 1932

Context: Coolidge was in New York City as chairman of the National Transportation Committee. Also serving on the Committee was former Democratic New York Governor and 1928 Democratic presidential nominee Al Smith. Smith will comment on Coolidge’s death that “Calvin Coolidge was a salty, original character, an unmistakable home-grown, native, American product, and his was one of those typically American careers, which began on the sidewalks, or on the farm, and prove to the youth of the nation that this is still the land of unbounded opportunity.” This letter is the last one Coolidge wrote Grace. He died suddenly on January 5, 1933.

My Dear Grace:

Tomorrow I shall go home. Unless you hear send the car to Springfield at 8:40 Friday. 

I have thought of you all the time since I left home.

With much love,

Calvin Coolidge

Citation: Coolidge Family Papers, Vermont Historical Society

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