Letter from Calvin Coolidge to his Father

Date: September 10, 1920

Context: According to the Boston Post, the Coolidges received a Belgian police dog from Arthur Wellman of Topsfield on the occasion of Calvin and Grace’s 15th wedding anniversary.

My Dear Father,

A dog is no joke. They cost money. The boys will be glad you do not want their dog. They would hate terribly to give it up. Now that they have offered it to you and you do not want it they will feel they have done all they can. John has a suit of long trousers and is almost a man. Grace is home with the boys. She will be very glad about the dog too. It sleeps on her bed some. Its name is Nip like that dog you and Hurly Miner killed about 40 years ago because Flora Brown thought it had eaten her turkeys.

I would be pleased if you would come down to the state convention Sat. Sept 18.

Your son,

Calvin Coolidge

Citation: Coolidge Family Papers, Vermont Historical Society

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The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of Tammy Harken, who prepared this document for digital publication

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