Letter from Calvin Coolidge to his Father

Date: January 2, 1924

Context: He comments on “Dallas’ girl Marian” staying with them for the holidays. Dallas Pollard was Coolidge’s cousin. Dallas’s daughter Marian was about 25 years old in 1924. Marian is the mother of actor/comedian Orson Bean, born Dallas Frederick Burrows.

My dear Father,

We were all very thankful for your Christmas remembrance. I have sent the boys money to the bank. Before they go to school I shall tell them you sent it to them. Their marks were good in school. John was No. 11 and Calvin No. 10, each averaged over 85. Calvin has a very heavy course. We have no snow but some rain today.

Dallas’ girl Marian is here for a day or two. She is very much Pollard.

The boys both look fine, especially John, the Camp life did him much good last summer. Calvin shall go next August.

We cannot now see that anything can prevent my nomination in the first ballot at the Republican Convention but we never know what will happen in politics. 

I am very well, in fact never felt better.

I hope Josiah will stay. I shall be glad to make your $25.00  $50.00 if he will stay.

Your son,

Calvin Coolidge

Citation: Coolidge Family Papers, Vermont Historical Society

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