Letter from Calvin Coolidge to his Father

Date: December 22, 1925

Context: Colonel Coolidge was still suffering from his “heart block” and was being cared for by his nurse, May Johnson. Coolidge goes on to comment on Attorney General and Ludlow native John Sargent’s Christmas trip to Vermont, noting that Sargent is likely to call on him in Plymouth.

My dear Father,

The letter from Mrs. Johnson was received, enclosing a Christmas remembrance to us, for which we thank you. Mr. Sargent is leaving tonight to go to Ludlow for Christmas, and undoubtedly will be in to see you. We shall think of you very much on Christmas day, and hope that you find it comfortable and feel more content in your own home than you could anywhere else. Our little white puppy is growing to be quite a large dog, but she is only six months old and is not so large as the old dog. He weights about 55 pounds and she now weighs about 27. She has gained 7 or 8 pounds since she came here. I hope the few things we sent you reached you in due season.

Your son,

Calvin Coolidge

Citation: Coolidge Family Papers, Vermont Historical Society

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