Letter from Calvin Coolidge to his Father

Date: April 3, 1921

Context: Calvin comments here on his father’s upcoming trip to Northampton to deal with John’s and Calvin, Jr.’s academic issues. With Grace and Calvin in Washington, DC attending to their political and social responsibilities, 14 year old John and 13 year old Calvin, Jr. were attending high school in Northampton. After the close of the school year in June, both boys were moved closer to the vice president and began attending Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania.

My dear Father: 

We are very grateful to you for going down to take care of the boys. They need it I know. 

John has failed to pass in his Latin. That means he has not studied enough for he is surely smart enough to learn his lesson if he works. I think you need to give him a good talking to, and then I wish you would go and see Prof Root and see what he wants me to do with John. I rather think he had better stop going to dances until he gets a good mark in Latin, but that you can talk over with Mr. Root. 

Calvin has not been a very good boy. He had to go to bed March 17 and his deportment was not very good in school. But the last four weeks it has been better. You better see his teacher. 

You can ask the teachers to the house or go to see them. 


Calvin Coolidge

Citation: Coolidge Family Papers, Vermont Historical Society

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