Letter from Calvin Coolidge to John Coolidge

Date: May 12, 1925

Context: Coolidge writes John, expecting just as much economy in his own household as in his administration. Therefore, the president asks John to provide him an account of how he is using the money that he has received while at college.

My dear John:

I am sending you a check for $50.00. Perhaps it would be just as well if you send me each time your account of expenditures. I have not had any account this term, so you can make out that whole account and send it down. I do not remember to have seen any report of your work since last winter sometime. What is the reason it does not come?

Your grandfather is not well. I wish you would be sure and write to him often. This is very important, and I think you might better stay at home from Northampton each Sunday and write to your grandfather.

Your father,

Calvin Coolidge

Citation: Coolidge Family Papers, Vermont Historical Society

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