Pets Puzzle

Coolidge Family Pets Puzzle

Created by Caitlin Davis, a student at the College of St. Joseph in Rutland, Vermont

The many pets of the Coolidge family barked, meowed and even roared! Print out this page and try the puzzle dealing with Calvin and Grace’s pets. You can find the answers by exploring the “Coolidge Pets” section of the website.


1  Number of Pekin Ducks Mrs. Coolidge received as a gift

4  Mrs. Coolidge’s favorite bird that came all the way from South Africa (two words)

5  Harding’s dog that was related to Paul Pry (two words)

8   Dinner where Rebecca the raccoon was almost eaten

10   Climber’s nickname

12  Rob Roy had never ridden in one of these until entering the White House

13   Small Kangaroo

16  Small antelope that came from Africa with the two lion cubs

18  Dog who was best friends with Paul Pry and Prudence Prim (two words)

19  Cat who loved the kitchen more than spending time with the Coolidge’s

20  South African City where lion cubs, Tax Reduction and Budget Bureau Duiker, came from



2  Dog who shared the same birthday, July 4th, as Calvin Coolidge, became known as “terrible” due to Calvin’s dislike of him (two words)

3  Where most of the animals the Coolidge’s owned ended up

5  Presidential statue Tiger escaped to

6  Place where there was no room for birds Nip and Tuck (two words)

7  Cat who disappeared with a “White House” collar on

9  Color of ribbon on Prudence Prim’s straw hat

10  Country where Bruno, a black bear came from

11  Type of bird that Snowflake and Peter Piper were

14  Dog who didn’t like all the noise in the White House (named after a Disney character, two words)?

15  Hiding place of Bounder the cat

17  Where Mrs. Coolidge would have ended up if she kept her mockingbird, which was illegal to keep as a pet

19  Dog sent to live in Northampton, Mass (This made Rob Roy happy)


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