Press Conference, April 7, 1925

Date: April 7, 1925

Location: Washington, D.C.

(Original document available here)

I didn’t have any ulterior motive in my remarks of a week ago in relation to loans to foreign governments. I don’t think any inferences ought to be drawn from it. I thought they were clear enough and plain enough – simply a restatement of the policy of our Government and, I think, of our banking concerns here. I don’t believe it is helpful for me to have a constant discussion on my part of our foreign debts. So I rather avoid talking about it. There are questions that come in constantly about it. That is perhaps natural. I don’t think constant comment about it on my part is helpful to the situation. I am going to try to avoid comment about it, unless there is some specific thing that I can report or some specific action that is contemplated.

I don’t think I can talk about the report that was in the Washington Post this morning, relative to the Russo-Japanese treaty, other than to say that I didn’t understand that the situation was such as was reported in the article. I didn’t read the article carefully. I noticed the headlines and a little of it. I didn’t understand that the situation was as is set out, but I haven’t any definite information about it. I thought that reports that were made heretofore, or which I did think were correct, were at variance with the statement that was made there.

I don’t think I can make any definite announcement as to my summer plans. I want to get a chance to get away some time during the summer, but it is necessarily all tentative.

I haven’t given any thought to the matter of textile tariffs, so that I haven’t any definite opinion to express in relation to it.

There is no new development in relation to an arms conference. The possibilities of the situation are being studied. That is all that I can say at the present time. That is another subject that I don’t like to discuss constantly. A constant discussion of it doesn’t bring us anywhere. Unless there is some development or some plan to be proposed, I don’t believe I can say much more about it.

I haven’t decided on anyone yet for the International Joint Commission. That is the boundary commission which has jurisdiction over boundaries between our country and Canada.

It won’t be possible for me to attend the Mecklenburg celebration at Charlotte, N.C., on May 20th, I have been invited to attend and told them it wouldn’t be possible for me to go. I think, though, they are intending to send a committee up here to reiterate the invitation. Of course if they want to do that I will receive the committee and hear what they have to say, but I think they have been advised that I don’t see any possibility for me to accept their invitation.

I don’t know of any addresses that I am likely to make outside of Washington prior to my going up to Minneapolis. There may something come up, but I don’t have anything in mind at the present time.

No decision has been made relative to the appointment of a Federal judge in New Jersey. There are 8 or 10 names under consideration, but the investigation hasn’t progressed far enough to reach any new determination. There was a judge appointed over there, but on account of illness he doesn’t feel he can serve.

I don’t know when I can reach a decision about the linseed oil tariff. My recollection is that the Commission sent to me a minority and a majority report. It makes it somewhat difficult for me to make up my mind about it, when the Tariff Commission are not able to agree on it. No decision has been made about the California judgeships. There is a vacancy there on the District Court in the Southern District, and on the Circuit Court in the 9th Circuit.

I haven’t any more information about the disagreement between the Public Printer and some of the employees.

That seems to cover the inquiries of the day.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents 

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of John McLeod who prepared this document for digital publication.

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