Press Conference, August 14, 1928

Date: August 14, 1928

Location: Superior, WI

(Original document available here)

The Mississippi Flood Board report has been approved by me just as far as I can approve it at the present time. There are two copies of it here and it is rather long. It is so long that it would not be printed in its entirety by the press anyway, I imagine, and so long that it is hardly feasible for my office staff to make copies for the press, but the two copies can be open to the members of the press that desire to see them. The report is unanimous and it recommends the use of floodways and spillways. It doesn’t differ very materially from the plan that was filed by the Board of Engineers and made a public document.

Question: Could you say how high they are going to make the levees? The original Jadwin plan was about 3 ft.

President: Yes, I think that is the case. The differences are not great between the Mississippi River Commission and the Engineers’ plan and there was not any great difficulty in harmonizing the two, but in general it uses the plan of the Board of Engineers. The Mississippi River Commission provided for some control spillways, which have not been adopted and which would be very expensive.

I have just prepared a telegram to be sent to Secretary Hoover regarding his speech and its acceptance by the country, which will be given to the press.

I think the trip to the Apostle Islands is very feasible. We can get there from the Lodge in two hours and one-half or so. It is a little longer from here and I should expect to make that trip sometime in the near future. I haven’t given much thought to attending the Tri-State Fair in Superior. Perhaps I can go.

I don’t remember receiving any communication from the State Department regarding the situation in China recently, which contained anything further than what is already in the press.

I do not know when I shall return to Washington.

I haven’t received any further information, as I recall, about the situation in Nicaragua which would indicate that everything is proceeding as harmoniously as could be expected there. When I begin to get reports on matters it usually means that there is some question up for my decision. When I do not get reports it means everything is going all right.

Question: Will that Apostle Islands trip be a day or night trip?

President: It is only a little over two hours to go and two hours to come. Day.

Question: Where do you leave from?

President: From Bayfield. When I go, if the press wishes to go too, you will get from the office here the time when you will need to reach Bayfield.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of Richard Link who prepared this document for digital publication.

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