Press Conference, August 31, 1928

Date: August 31, 1928

Location: Superior, WI.

(Original document available here)

I haven’t decided when I shall go back to Washington – sometime, as I have indicated, between the 10th and 20th.

Question: Did you notice the temperature has been in the 90’ss, 94, the past few days?

President: No, I didn’t notice that.

Question: I don’t want to go to a hospital like some have.

President: Well, I think you are well cooled off up here end you can get along very well for a week or two. You ought to have sufficient energy stored up here on your vacation in this comfortable climate, so that two weeks of hot weather wont put you in the hospital.

John hasn’t any position that I know of.

I don’t know of any engagement to speak that I have in the near future. I guess I have got plenty of invitations and some of them under consideration. I haven’t made any definite arrangements about any.

While I suppose that I can’t fish in the river, fishing is open to me in the Lakes at Cedar Island, so I don’t think I will have to invade any of the neighboring states to get a chance to fish. There are plenty of other things I can do, anyway.

I haven’t any plan about going to Vermont. I would like to go up there. I want to try to go some time after I return to Washington.

I haven’t any particular information about the political situation in Michigan or Ohio. I think Mr. Warren saw the members of the press while he was here and Mr. Brown is here. I don’t know whether he has any information about Ohio or not, but if he has the press can get it first hand from him. Also Mr. Warren. Mr. Warren mentioned incidentally that Michigan would go Republican. I haven’t talked with Mr. Brown about the political situation in Ohio. I talked with him more about the work of the Department of Commerce, which he says has been going on very well.

Mr. Slemp was coming up some time ago, but something arose that made it impossible to come at the time he had expected to come. I don’t know whether he is planning to come some time in the future or not. It has been left open.

Mr. Murphy, the Editor of the Minneapolis Tribune, and Mrs. Murphy were in. They will take lunch with us.

Question: John, Mr. President?

President: No, Fred.

I have had several other delegations this morning that I guess are on the list. I think that is all.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of J Mitchell Rushing who prepared this document for digital publication.

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