Press Conference, December 1, 1925

Date: December 1, 1925

Location: Washington, D.C.

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The reports of the Muscle Shoals Commission are in. The majority report was made some time ago, but the minority report didn’t come in I think until yesterday, perhaps the latter part of last week, and mimeographed copies have been made of the majority report and of the recommendations of the minority report, which I think is practically all that the press would care for. Of course there are quite a large number of exhibits that couldn’t be mimeographed, maps and things of that nature which there would be no expectation of having printed. Those will not be given out, but the report of the majority will he given out in full and the recommendations of the minority. I think those are ready for distribution and will be given out any time now.

I haven’t made any final determination about the tariff on linseed oil. Here is a suggestion that the Minneapolis Tribune today printed the story that I contemplated issuing a proclamation reducing the tariff on linseed oil. My recollection is that a telegram was sent to them yesterday that that is not a fact, so I somewhat doubt whether in view of receiving that telegram they would print a report of that kind. All that that means is as I stated to the conference once or twice before, that I haven’t decided what ought to be done. My difficulty is to find out what the effect would be on the production of flax in the northwest. My offhand opinion is that such a reduction on oil as can be made would be on imported oil and would take effect of course on the Atlantic Seaboard, and as the flax is reduced to oil out there in that region they would have a practical protection by reason of freight rates, so that such reduction as could be made would have little or no effect on the production of flax in that region. That is what I am undertaking to find out before I make my decision.

There isn’t anything I can add to what I have already said about the Locarno agreements. I have expressed my approbation of them several times. The fact that they were signed this morning or yesterday doesn’t alter my opinion as to the benefits that I think are likely to flow from them.

I haven’ t any information other than that which is in the press as to the intention of the new French Cabinet in relation to the debts. I don’t think that any action has been taken in France on the offer that was taken back by the French Commission when they were over here to have a temporary adjustment which would extend over a five year period.

I haven’ t any information at all about any plan to replace Ambassador Daeschner with Senator Beranger. I rather think it would be better not to comment on that at all. It might be misunderstood.

I was waiting to see what might be the outcome of the efforts that Governor Pinchot is making before finally making my own decision as to what answer I could make to Mr. Lewis. Of course it requires some investigation on my part, but I think I shall have the letter within a day or two. Quite naturally, I wouldn’t want to inject anything that might make the effort for settlement less effective.

I haven’t received the report from the special aircraft board. I had understood that it would he signed and handed to me this afternoon. That is just a suggestion that has come to me and can’t be taken as final and definite.

Press: Do you plan to make it public, Mr. President?

President: Oh yes.

Press: You would make it public immediately?

President: I think so. I understood they were going to report in print, so that I wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of having to take the time of having copies made here in this office, so I imagine if they report this afternoon that there will be printed copies which will be immediately available for the press.

I haven’t any information about what the plan of the Republicans of the Senate are – is, in relation to the management of their party conference or whom they expect to invite to attend it. That is a matter that is entirely for them to decide and one in which I wouldn’t want to interfere in any way. And that is also true about representations that they want to determine on the Senatorial Committees. They will have to make their own decision about what ought to be done.

I have already spoken about Muscle Shoals.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents 

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