Press Conference, July 12, 1927

Date: July 12, 1927

Location: Rapid City, SD

The naval armament conference is making some progress. They are evidently having a great deal of discussion relative to the cruiser problem. I think they were to have a plenary conference yesterday, in which the positions of the different governments would be quite fully outlined. I haven’t had any reports to indicate whether that plenary conference was held or not, but I suppose it was. I think they will be able to resolve that question after due deliberation.

I haven’t yet seen the Government reports that come out about this time on crop prospects. I think that would be published yesterday. Ordinarily they usually come out on the 10th. The 10th being Sunday, I suppose they would come out on Monday.

All I can say about legislation to take care of high water in the Mississippi Valley is that a very careful survey is being made by the engineering department of the Army — I think we have three or four different bodies working on it. It wont be possible to make any suggestion until their report on the facts is made.

I do not think that Lieutenant Maitland is coming here to have his decoration conferred. I am not sure just what has been done relative to a decoration for him, but I think I had word from the War Dept. that it was to be conferred in Washington.

The Governor of Wyoming is going to fly over here this morning. He is to take lunch with me at the Lodge, he and five or six other gentlemen from Wyoming. They wish to invite me to attend the yearly celebration which is held in Cheyenne.

Question: I understand that Colonel Roosevelt is coming out here to Pierre for a Legion convention. Is he coming here?

President: I haven’t any information about his coming out here. If he is as near as Pierre, very likely he will come here to see me.

Question: Do you know where the Governor will land?

President: No I don’t. I understood he was to be here at Rapid City.

(Some one said that Colonel Roosevelt was to be at Yankton and the President remarked that in that event it would be like he being in Washington and Roosevelt in New York, and that he thought it unlikely that the Colonel would come a distance of 400 miles.)

Question: Can’t you say anything more about the naval conference?

President: No, that is all the information I have about it. I can’t go into the details of it. They are all given out at the State Department.

Question: You are still hopeful?

President: Oh, I think they can reach some agreement.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of John Sullivan III who prepared this document for digital publication.

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