Press Conference, July 20, 1928

Date: July 20, 1928

Location: Superior, WI

(Original document available here)

I had learned from Secretary Kellogg that various governments interested in the proposed treaties were considering meeting in Europe, so that they might all be signed at the same time. I think the suggestion has been made that such a conference would be held in Paris. The State Department has that proposal under consideration, but while it looks on it with favor hasn’t come to any definite conclusion.

I am not familiar with all the details of it, but so far as I am informed I am inclined to think that such a conference might be very helpful in giving it a setting and emphasizing the importance of the proposed treaties.

Question: Has any one suggested holding it in Washington?

President: I think not. It is so much easier for one man to go to Paris than it is for all the countries concerned to come over here that I think it is more probable that if such a conference is held it will be held in Paris, rather than in this country.

I think the appointment of the Boulder Dam experts has already been given to the press. Has it Mr. Sanders?

Mr. Sanders: I think so. It has probably been given out in Washington, not here.

President: Yes. Secretary Work made the appointments, which I confirmed a few days ago, and I am sure that their names were published at that time, and it is my understanding that they will begin their work right away.

I haven’t received any particular details from the Shipping Board relative to the operation of the new shipping bill, though before I left Washington they told me that under its terms it was expected that there will be a much better market for the sale of ships that are owned by the Government and much more incentive for private enterprise to go into the shipping business.

I am appointing Roy O. West of Chicago to be the Secretary of the Interior in place of Secretary Work, who has resigned, as the press knows. I have received a very interesting invitation this morning to attend a log rolling contest. It was brought to me in a log, enclosed in the bark of a log, on paper made of a log, rolled up around a log.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of Frank Harder who prepared this document for digital publication.

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