Press Conference, June 10, 1927

Date: June 10, 1927

Location: Washington, D.C.

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I expect to receive all those that come to see me to transact business at the offices that we shall establish at Rapid City during the summer. I presume that a good many people will call on me at the State Game Lodge. It would I be a little difficult to say just what arrangements we can make about that until I get out there. Very likely it will be quite largely my practice to go down to the office in the morning and probably stay there until some time in the afternoon. It would be more convenient for those that come to call on me to see me there, because that is where they would arrive coming in on the train. But I have no doubt that we shall see a great many people at the State Game Lodge. It is entirely agreeable to me to refer to the place where we shall live as the State Game Lodge. That is the name under which it is known in South Dakota. I think we might very well continue that name.

I have been inquired of by different persons about the probability of the location of the next Republican National Convention. I should think that five or six, perhaps more people, that are interested in particular cities have mentioned the matter to me. I have told them that of course it is a matter for the National Committee to decide and that they will not make any decision until they meet here in Washington next December. that it seemed to me that it would be a proper procedure for the different municipalities that would like to have the Convention come to their city to make their applications to the Committee, who will file them, and they will present at the proper time the correspondence of the different localities and in that way extend their invitation| that I have no choice about it at the present time. I think it is a matter that the Committee should very largely decide. I think that is substantially all the comment that I have made to a number of people that have asked me about it.

I haven’t laid out any program for Saturday, other than which has been announced. I expect to be at the stand on the Monument grounds when Lindbergh arrives there. Those members of the Cabinet that are not on the Committee, the Committee consists of the Secretary of War, the Postmaster General, and the Secretary of the Navy – Secretary Hoover was to sit in with them but is still in the South and will not be able to be present – that Committee will go to the Navy Yard to meet Colonel Lindbergh. I suppose that his mother, Mrs. Lindbergh, has already reached our residence. I understand that the plan is for her to go down to the Navy Yard to meet her son, and that she and her son will ride under escort and take a part in the parade in one of the White House cars. Then there will be the short exercises at the Monument grounds. I have a few remarks to make there conferring upon Colonel Lindbergh the Distinguished Flying Cross. After that we shall return to the White House accompanied by the Colonel and his mother. Now, what other program has been arranged for him during the afternoon and evening, I think has already been published. I don’t know just what the desires of his mother and the Colonel may be for Sunday. I think there is some program laid out for that day. Mrs. Coolidge and I shall attend church as usual, I expect. I think that some program has been laid out for him so that he will probably not accompany us to church. I think they have a very well thought out program for his entertainment while he is here in the city, and that there is every probability that he will be given a royal welcome.

Question: Do we understand that out at South Dakota you are to keep regular office hours? Are you coming in every day?
President: I think so. There may be some days I shall not come in, but that will be my practice, substantially the same as I did in the Adirondacks last year.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents

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