Press Conference, June 17, 1927

Date: June 17, 1927

Location: Rapid City, SD

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I haven’t any plan at the present time for conferences out here on any particular subjects. I have no doubt that during the summer I shall see many representatives here of different interests, industrial, agricultural, and commercial. But I haven’t any plan about that now.

I think Mr. Sanders has already notified you that on Friday I had planned to have my conference at 11:45. Now, that is for release for the Saturday morning papers. It will be more convenient for the members of the press that are to be here, both to get their stories off early and insure their reaching their destination in the East in time for the regular publications on Saturday morning. On Tuesdays I think we will have our conferences here soon after 9:00 o’clock, perhaps half past nine. I have my breakfast so that I can easily get in at that time and that will be for release for the afternoon papers.

Press: Is it thoroughly understood that no information given at the 11:45 conferences shall go out at all, except for the morning papers on Saturday? In other words, no tips to be routed up to get in the afternoon papers?

President: Yes.

Press: Of course, 9:30 seems rather early, but even that is 12:30 in the Eastern cities, on account of daylight savings. So the earlier to 9:00 o’clock the better.

President: We will do the best we can about that. I have a very fine location out at the State Game Lodge. I think most of you have been out there. It is just exactly what I like. I had a fine and pleasant trip across the country. I was very much interested in seeing the country that I was able to see on my trip out. Some of the people that came down to the station I wasn’t able to see very well because about the station there is a great cloud of dust that comes up. That is because the ground around there is used to bring freight in for shipment and take freight out, and the soil is pulverized and soft and oftentimes I would go out on the back platform to see the people that were standing at the station and all I would be able to see when I got out there was a cloud of dust, I couldn’t see them and I suppose they couldn’t see me.

I was also sorry I didn’t know when we went through Madison, Wis. I understand there was quite a crowd down there to pay their respects to our party. They were only able to see the train go through. I didn’t know when we were going through there, otherwise I should have been most anxious to get out on the back platform.

I want to express my appreciation especially to the people of this locality for the many things that they have done to make arrangements here that are convenient for my party and myself. They have been especially hospitable and helpful.

The trout that I caught yesterday were rainbow trout. I never happened to catch any of those before. They are a very good game fish to catch and very good fish for the table. I thought my first fishing trip in the hills was attended with very excellent luck.

I am expecting to attend the celebration at Deadwood when they have their celebration there the first few days in August. There was a committee in this morning from Deadwood to invite us up there. I am going up there.

I am not contemplating any trips West from here, or any other trips except such as I may make about by automobile.

The only information I have about the study that is being made relative to possible consolidations in the Internal Revenue offices is that which has already been published. I knew the Internal Revenue Department were making some studies there to see if it was possible to make consolidations which would lessen expenses and at the same time maintain adequate service, and I understand they are looking into that subject.

There are no developments, so far as I am aware, in the French proposal relative to outlawing war. I think the Secretary of State has already announced that he has sent some message or a note to France relative to it. Has he not made an announcement of that kind?

Press: Yes sir.

I haven’t any information relative to Ambassador Sheffield that has not already been made public. He is returning to this country to be present at the Yale Commencement, and I think possibly may visit me out here.

Press: You may wish to express to some of our gentlemen the rule about quoting the President?

President: Well, I assumed that the committee of the White House press conference had made that plain.

Mr. Lambert: They have all been told, Mr. President.

President: That is the rule. These conferences are held for the purpose of giving newspaper men just in a brief way some idea of what the President has in mind in order that they may write intelligently concerning the transaction of the business of the Government, and it is the rule that the President is not to be quoted. The ideal way for reports of these conferences is for the members of the press to send out reports on their own responsibility that such and such are the facts.

Press: I wonder if we couldn’t use your expression that “this is just exactly what I like” regarding the lodge.

President: Yes, you may quote that.

Press: And the expression of appreciation to the people?

President: Yes, you may say that the President has expressed his appreciation.

Press: And in regard to Madison?

President: Yes, you can say that the President expressed his regret, if you want to do that.

Press: When you give us an advance speech in Washington, we understand that no part of it is to be used for developing the same news elsewhere in advance of your speech.

President: Well, that is what ought to be done, but it happened on the speech that I gave out that was delivered at the Budget meeting that some things came out at the Treasury, and I rather that it hadn’t come out just at that time. I was going to say that after the President writes a speech and gives it out, it isn’t expected that the press would go to one of the departments and ask questions that would develop the same line of thought that is in the speech.

Press: Will you make a speech or say a few words tomorrow to the Editors?

President: I presume I may make a few remarks. I don’t think I am going to write out anything. I guess I will have to depend on you to report that.

Press: Have you accepted any invitation to Church?

President: I have noticed there is a Congregational Church at Hermosa. Very likely we shall go to church there. That seems to be the nearest one.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of Jon Raso who prepared this document for digital publication.

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