Press Conference, March 15, 1927

Date: March 15, 1927

Location: Washington, D.C.

(Original document available here)

I haven’t made any speaking engagements for the future, nor have I any plans for leaving the city in the future. Since the close of Congress I am having a great many invitations to go and make speeches. Of course, I have a great many all the time, but since the close of Congress they have been coming in with much more frequency than usual. I doubt if I shall make many speeches. I have to make some. But there are so many questions that are pressing here in Washington at the present time — there is the economic conference we are preparing for, the navy limitation conference, and various questions of that nature that are very urgent, besides the routine business of the President’s office, that I think I can serve the people of the Country rather better by staying in Washington and attending to those questions than I can by going out for the purpose of furnishing entertainment for any one or undertaking to offer instructions on public questions.

I think the War Department will be able to take care of such needs as the Army has, notwithstanding the failure of the deficiency bill.

I haven’t the details of the agreement in mind under which the President undertook to arbitrate the Tacna-Arica controversy, so that I do not know how long the agreement continues in effect. The way to answer that question would be by an examination of the agreement to see just what its provisions are.

Senator Fess merely came in to pay his respects. He talked with me about the work that the Congress had been doing, the general business of the Country as he has seen it around, and told me of some of his plans for the future to make some speeches and so on.

I haven’t made any selections of judges that are not already announced. There have been two delegations in from North Carolina, presenting the name of Mr. Hayes, and I had understood that there are some other names in that State that would be presented.

I don’t think any names have been presented for the Eastern District of Michigan. If they have been presented here, they have been sent in the usual course of business to the Department of Justice for investigation and report.

I do not have in contemplation an invitation to any of the various elements of the British Empire. An invitation has been sent to Great Britain, which has been accepted, and under its terms the participants were designated. It isn’t the plan to include any that have not been designated. We understood directly or indirectly that the British Government had conferred with the different elements of the Empire before they accepted the invitation, so that the inference would be that the invitation as extended was acceptable to the various elements of the Empire.

I don’t know whether any judges will be appointed during recess. I think that some may be. But I haven’t in mind any particular district where I should think it would be necessary to appoint any. I couldn’t tell about that until I had information from the Department of Justice.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents

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