Press Conference, March 16, 1926

Date: March 16, 1926

Location: Washington, D.C.

(Original document available here)

I have four or five invitations to go to Colorado during the coming season. I can’t enumerate them all now. I think the last one comes from the Governor. There is some celebration of the 50th anniversary of Colorado, the Bar Association, and an international gathering of Rotarians. I haven’t made any plan at the present time. I haven’t been able to give any of them very much encouragement. I will take the matter up later, and the same would apply to the Disabled Veterans Convention at Atlanta in June, and the International Sunday School Convention in Birmingham in April. There is very little chance that I would be able to get away in April.

I have a question here about the Geneva conference, which I suppose refers to the Arms Conference. There haven’t been any new developments in that. The Secretary of State has sent for Mr. Gibson and Mr. Houghton. Mr. Houghton will arrive in town late this afternoon and will stay at the White House. I don’t know just when Mr. Gibson is to arrive in town. He may be here now. They have come in order that the Secretary may confer with them, especially relative to the Conference, and also relative to the general European situation. The conditions in Mexico seem to be improving, and so far as I can judge there are no questions there that do not promise to yield to diplomatic exchanges and diplomatic treatment. I was speaking about the visit here of the Ambassador and Mr. Gibson. I think I saw some suggestion that I had sent for them. I gave out the statement here at a previous conference that they had been sent for. I gave it out here because Mr. Kellogg sent the statement over here and as I was to see the newspapermen before he was he wanted me to give it out.

I haven’t any information regarding the report of the Tariff Commission on casein (I am not certain I am pronouncing that correctly). It is a product that is made from skimmed milk and is used in the paper trade. I have no information to give out about it.

The condition of my father seems to be about the same. I suppose he is gradually growing weaker. There doesn’t appear to be any noticeable change. Some days he is a little stronger and brighter and takes more nourishment, and other days he seems to be weaker and doesn’t take much nourishment and doesn’t converse much with any one unless they speak to him.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents 

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of John Sullivan III who prepared this document for digital publication.

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