Press Conference, May 16, 1924

Date: May 16, 1924

Location: Washington, D.C.

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Mr. Otto Kahn came in to see me this morning. He was only here about 8 minutes, just about Cabinet time. The most that we talked about was the business situation in this country, a passing remark, and I think he and I exchanged an expression of hope that the Dawes plan would be found to be a method of adjusting difficulties in Europe. But more particularly I was asking him about business conditions in the United States. I was much gratified to have his opinion that the fundamental conditions are sound. There is no accumulation of products. While orders are not coming in very much for the future, there is a very steady stream of orders coming in for immediate delivery. There was nothing said about any other European affairs , the German loan, or anything of that kind.

The Tariff Commission’s report on barium dioxide I think is the one that came in two or three days ago, which I sent over to the Treasury Department, which I do with those reports that come from the Tariff Commission, for their information over there and instruction as to the form of a proclamation, if I should desire to make one.

1 haven’t any reports from the Senate relative to the stand of that body on the bonus.

I haven’t taken any official notice of the decision of Judges Carpenter and Wilkinson relative to what is called here a pardon case.

Was the charge against him contempt of court?

Yes, there had been an injunction issued and it was pending, and it was alleged that he had violated the injunction. The report that came to me was that the only evidence that warranted the finding that there had been a violation of the injunction was that given by one person, who now came in and said he was lying.

I shall undoubtedly make some short remarks at the Arlington National Cemetery on May 25th at the Confederate Memorial Service, and perhaps a more extended address on the 30th of May.

I have just sent to the Senate, I think it has reached there by now, so it is perfectly proper to give it out, the nomination for the Chief Justice of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, Judge Martin, who is now sitting on the – who I think is a member of the Customs Court. Mr. Graham, Representative Graham, indicated to me that he would prefer to have me do that way and I expect to appoint Mr. Graham to take the place of Judge Martin.

I expect to reappoint Director Cooksey of the War Finance Corporation. I don’t make that as a promise, however, but that is my present expectation. The only thing I can say in relation to the bonus bill and its effect on tax reduction is that which I said in my message. Of course, it goes without saying that if we increase our expenses, why we decrease to that extent our ability to reduce taxes.

Senator Reed and Secretary Mellon happened to come in together, and I was asking them about pending financial legislation.

There has been no decision about who will put my name before the convention at Cleveland.

I doubt very much if there is any discrepancy in the new Immigration bill, that would permit the coming in of any persons other than as designated in the bill. I think perhaps that may arise from a confusion of terms, the same words perhaps being used in the treaty that is used in the bill, but to which there will be different implication in the treaty from that which is in the bill. An immigrant is a person who comes here for settlement. The term is settled. It means one not coming in for the purpose of study or to transact some business and go away. One is permanent and the other is transient.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents 

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