Press Conference, May 24, 1927

Date: May 24, 1927

Location: Washington, D.C.

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I haven’t made any final decision where I shall spend the summer. The general situation in the Black Hills looks so good that I am having a careful investigation made there to see whether adequate accommodations can be provided to take care of myself, my office force and the newspaper men.

I haven’t seen the suggestion that is referred to as having been made by Ambassador Herrick that Lindbergh be sent to fly to various European capitals. There would be some difficulty about arranging that through Government action. I had seen some reports in the press that he was contemplating flights to different portions of Europe. The more we learn of his accomplishment in going from New York to Paris, the greater it seems to have been. That is something that grows on us the more we contemplate it.

I haven’t had any report of what resulted from the Oil Conservation meeting, othser than what I have noted in the press. I judged from that that it was thought that some progress had been made. Nothing has been said about it in the Cabinet. I don’t know but what it was mentioned at some previous meeting incidentally, but nothing recently.

I have a tentative decision – of course all the decisions of the President about making any trips are tentative, but this is rather more tentative than usual – to review the fleet. If I do so, I think I shall go down on the Mayflower. That would seem to provide about as convenient a method of access as any. I could make the run down during the night, review the fleet during the day, and come back during the next night.

The Navy Department has directed the Commander of the Naval forces in Europe to offer transportation to Lindbergh on a destroyer of Division 25, which is now in Europe and will sail for the United States about the 15th of June. This Division consists of the destroyers Isherwood, Case, Sharkey, Lardner, Toucey and Breck under the command of Captain W. W. Galbraith of the U.S. Navy. Directions were also given to the commander of the forces to offer transportation to the United States for Captain Lindbergh’s plane.

I was naturally very much pleased with the report of Colonel Stimson, former Secretary of War, on his return from Nicaragua. He told me that he would prepare a short statement and give it to the press, which I think he did and which covered the vital points that he reported to me. He is very certain that peace has been entirely reestablished and all bands of any consequence that were engaged in warfare in Nicaragua have delivered their arms to the United States authorities there, both those that represented the government and those that represented the revolutionary forces. It was a very excellent accomplishment on the part of Colonel Stimson and one to which he is entitled to great credit. I am personally very appreciative of what he did there and it was a great service to the people of Nicaragua and a service that the people of this country may view with a good deal of satisfaction, I am sure.

I am appointing Claude M. Henry of South Dakota to be a member of the Federal Board for Vocational Education, vice Mcintosh resigned. Mr. Henry is a farmer in South Dakota with banking experience and served in the Spanish War I think with the rank of Captain.

Press: What are his politics?
President: He comes from South Dakota.
Press: The reason I asked that was because Mcintosh was a democrat.
President: I don’t know. I think there is no provision in the law for any bipartisanship on this Board. I haven’t asked him what his politics are and I don’t know.

I haven’t had any suggestion, so far as I know, of any person to appoint as a judge in the place of Frank Andrea who has resigned.

I am expecting to leave Washington, as I have already indicated, about the middle of June.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of Patrick McDonald who prepared this document for digital publication.

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