Press Conference, November 23, 1926

Date: November 23, 1926

Location: Washington, D.C.

(Original document available here)

No decision has been made about the appointment of a member of the Federal Trade Commission. I have had several recommendations of very excellent men, apparently. I want to confer somewhat further with some members of the Senate before I make any final determination.

Here is another resignation. As you gentlemen probably know better than I do, it is more or less a public diversion or private diversion, I don’t know which, to resign different people that are connected with the Government and other positions from time to time. Those resignations run from the Cabinet down. Usually rumors of that kind are without any foundation.

Here is an inquiry about Commissioner Blair of the Internal Revenue Department, or the Treasury Department, Commissioner of Internal Revenue. I never heard any suggestion whatever that he was going to retire.

I haven’t any information about the sale of the C.M.& St.P.R.R., other than what is reported in the press, so I wouldn’t be in a position to give any opinion about it or add anything to what has already been made public. I suppose it is a sale made under the order of the United States Court. I think it is usual that sales of that kind go back to the court for confirmation. It isn’t always done, I think it is the usual practice, so that it might not be exactly proper for me to make any comment about it if I had any particular opinion in relation to it as the matter, I suppose, is still pending before the United States Court. I should assume that the courts would exercise their power to see that every interest is protected in relation to the disposition of this property.

I haven’t secured any place for a residence while the White House is being repaired. I expect those repairs to begin promptly on the adjournment of the Congress. It is possible that they might begin a little previous to that, but doubtful. The social season of the White House will necessarily be carried on at the White House and that extends almost up to the time of adjournment. After that I expect to vacate in order that this work may be promptly taken up and hastened to a conclusion. Two or three suggestions have been made of possible places. I think some of the suggestions on investigation turned out to be places that would not be large enough to accommodate my household. I would like to secure some location that is handy to the White House offices, but of course I must have a place that is large enough so that in case of emergency it could be used for entertainment.

I haven’t any information about the proposal of General Andrews and Secretary Mellon as to future distribution of medicinal liquors.

At 1:30 on the day before Thanksgiving the different departments will excuse from further service those who are not absolutely needed. That is in accordance with the general practice of giving those who live in the District an opportunity to go to their homes on the afternoon preceding a holiday. Many people that are here transacting the business of the Government want to leave the District and make a visit to their former homes.

Reporter: Is that in the form of an executive order, Mr. President?

President Coolidge: No. I don’t understand that it requires an executive order. It is simply an announcement from the different departments.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents 

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of Sam Reddick who prepared this document for digital publication.

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