Press Conference, October 14, 1924

Date: October 14, 1924

Location: Washington, DC

(Original document available here)

I haven’t had any communication whatever, so far as I know, from the Mayor of Philadelphia. Sometimes if a communication comes in asking for an appointment it wouldn’t come to my desk. The appointment would be made and I might not know about it. But I think very likely I should have heard of it, if there had been any request from the Mayor of Philadelphia to confer with me. I can’t very well anticipate what request he might ask of me, or undertake to send him word or give information in advance of his request, or what reply ought to be made. General Butler, I think , has a leave of absence that extends up into January, so that any action in relation to an extension of that leave is not imminent. 1 have here several requests in relation to that same matter. I think I have answered them insofar as I can.

1 haven’t had any information about the withdrawal by Mr. Ford of his suggestion as to the purchase of Muscle Shoals, other than what was in the newspapers. I didn’t understand from what I saw of that hastily that he contemplated taking any action about it other than making the statement which he did. There was a little misunderstanding about the suggestion that I made in my message to the Congress last December. It was sometimes stated that I had recommended that a Commission be appointed. That wasn’t what I had in mind, and I think probably a careful reading of my message would have cleared it up. I think there were several offers pending, and perhaps several more to be made at the time of my message, so what I did was to suggest that a Committee of the Congress be appointed, probably a sub-Committee, there were two Committees, to consider this problem in the House and Senate, in order that such a sub-Committee might consider all the offers that came in and negotiate wit h those that might be interested to consider the purchase of the property to see what was the best disposition that could be made. I didn’t contemplate appointing any Commission myself. My suggestion was that the members of the Committees of Congress, the Military Committees of the House and Senate, appoint a sub-Commit tee. That was about what I had in mind to be done, if my suggestion was carried out. I don’t know whether other offers developed so that there was any necessity for this, or whether no other offers came in that the Committees cared to consider, so that they gave their attention to the offer made by Mr. Ford.

I think a letter came here from Mayor Hylan. Mr. Hughes is away and I haven’t been able to confer wit h the State Department in relation to it . When he returns I shall do that, and take such action about an answer as the information I get from the State Department seems to indicate ought to be done.

That seems to cover all but one inquiry.

I am expecting that there will be a conference of colored clergymen in the City the latter part of the month, and if those of you who are interested in that particular work will confer with Mr. SIemp I think he can give you more particulars about it. I haven’t them at hand, or I would be very glad to give them myself.

Anything in the Cabinet, Mr. President?

No, there was nothing that came up in the Cabinet.

Have you decided to go home to vote, Mr. President?

No, I haven’t decided about that. I have decided to vote. But I haven’t decided whether I shall go up to Massachusetts to vote or whether I shall vote by mail. I would like very much to go up and vote. I don’t know whether I shall be able to get away.

Mr. President, do you have to register by mail now?

Outside of Boston one registration lasts right along. You don’t have to re-register until you remove from the town.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of Robert Manchester who prepared this document for digital publication.

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