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Which school did President Coolidge attend?
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Hello Teachers, Parents, Students,

Now is a great time to plan a visit to Calvin Coolidge’s Plymouth Notch! Come enter another time as you explore the village where our 30th President grew up. Who lived here and what stories do they share with young Calvin? How was work done on a 19th century farm? What jobs did Calvin do? How do we know about the past? How does someone from this tiny village grow up to be president? What can we learn from him? Would you like to see some of the things he made and used?

History Exploration visits are the perfect way to learn about local, Vermont and United States History. The new President Calvin Coolidge Museum and Education Center is available year-round for visits and programs. Even though the historic buildings are closed during the colder months, we can still explore the village and an excellent Quest activity is available.

In addition to History Exploration Programs, ask about the availability of these programs:

  • Variety of hands on activities that give experiences with simple machines, artifacts, historic photographs and letters, making a tumbling blocks quilt design, and relating life today with life in Coolidge’s time. (Available year round for all visits.)
  • Constitution Day – Participatory programs, a program option during September visits.
  • Diary making in the classroom
  • Spring Buckwheat Planting
  • Fall Buckwheat Harvesting
  • Sheep Shearing
  • Postcard writing in the Schoolhouse

To plan a visit, please Fill Out the Form; or contact or call 802-672-3389.