Statement on the Death of Warren G. Harding

Title: Statement by President Coolidge on the Death of Warren G. Harding

Date: August 3, 1923

Location: Plymouth, VT

Context: Coolidge delivers a statement from his hometown of Plymouth on the sudden death of Warren Harding 

Reports have reached me, which I fear are correct, that President Harding is gone. The world has lost a great and good man. I mourn his loss. He was my chief and my friend.

It will be my purpose to carry out the policies which he has begun for the service of the American people and for meeting their responsibilities wherever they may arise.

For this purpose I shall seek the co-operation of all those who have been associated with the President during his term of office.

Those who have given their efforts to assist him I wish to remain in office that they may assist me. I have faith that God will direct the destinies of our nation.

It is my intention to remain here until I can secure the correct form for the oath of office, which will be administered to me by my father, who is a notary public, if that will meet the necessary requirement. I expect to leave for washing during the day.

Citation: Supplement to the Messages and Papers of the Presidents Covering the Term of Warren G. Harding, March 4, 1921, to August 2, 1923, and the First Term of Calvin Coolidge, August 3, 1923, to March 4, 1925

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of J. Mitchell Rushing, who prepared this document for digital publication.

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