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Visitor Testimonies

Diane, I’m writing to tell you how much I enjoyed Constitution Day. I wasn’t quite sure how I would take to middle school students but I found that I really enjoyed them. The way you and the Vermont Law student (was it Monica?) organized the role play campaign activity really engaged the students in spite of their attempts to look bored. They were totally hooked by the time they all had $2000 in their hands. And I could listen for hours to the kind of personalized history lesson that Bob always gives. What an incredible history teacher he is! 

When we went on the tour I thought the kids might turn up their noses at the schoolhouse activities but when we got there, they turned into wide-eyed     ten-year-olds and jumped right in. One of the girls put on a turn-of the century style show, donning every possible outfit she could find in the washtub, while another boy got totally immersed in the tumbling quilt puzzle. Quite refreshing to see such open enthusiasm.          

Dennis H. (docent and veteran teacher)          


Thank you for the great program you brought here this year. We hope we can work together again. Kylee R., Manchester, VT


 Dear Diane,

Thank you so much for providing such a rich educational experience for our Central Elementary School kids! I loved the new organization of the program and the way everything went so smoothly. We appreciated it all and we will be back.

Wendy H., Bellows Falls, VT   


Thanks again for a fantastic field trip. The kids and I and the parent chaperones had a great time. I’ll certainly recommend it to my colleagues.

Julia P., Upper Valley Waldorf School


I’ve been meaning to write to you and tell you how much fun we had at the museum 2 weeks ago- parents and kids raved about the trip- thank-you so much for being our private guide for the day.

Beth H., Starksboro School


I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely time our group of homeschoolers had at the site and for all that organizing on your part.  We learned so much about Calvin Coolidge.  We will definitely be visiting again.  If you have any special events planned please put me on an email list. Thank you. 

Kathleen S.


Thank you so much for all of the hands on activities for the children. My two year old loved playing with the blocks, just like Calvin did as a child. The washing tub, block of a tree, dress up clothes, and other displays were all so wonderful and added to our visit. All of the displays were well thought out and linked to something historical in Calvin Coolidge’s past. Thanks.

Laura L., Homeschool Group.