Wallace’s Dozen Most Notable Speeches

Jerry L. Wallace’s Dozen Most Notable Calvin Coolidge’s Speeches



Have Faith In Massachusetts January 7, 1914
A Telegram To Samuel Gompers September 14, 1919
Things That Are Unseen June 19, 1923
**First Annual Message To The Congress December 6, 1923
Economy In The Interest Of All June 30, 1924
**Inaugural Address March 4, 1925
**Toleration And Liberalism October 6, 1925
Government And Business,
Speech to the NY Chamber of Commerce
November 19, 1925
States Rights And National Unity May 15, 1926
**The Inspiration Of The Declaration July 5, 1926
Lindbergh: Welcoming Home Speech,
Washington Monument
June 1927
**Sixth Annual Message To The Congress December 6, 1928

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Jerry L. Wallace is a Coolidge scholar, whose interest in Calvin Coolidge and the 1920s dates back over half a century.  He has been a member of the Coolidge Foundation since 1972 and has served as a Trustee and is now a member of the National Advisory Board. He has written extensively on Coolidge, with his latest publication being Calvin Coolidge: Our First Radio President. By profession, he is an historian and archivist, formerly with the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, DC.  Now retired and living in Oxford, KS, he spends his time researching and writing on Coolidge and local Kansas history.