Calvin Coolidge Says, September 30, 1930

February 15, 2021

Date: September 30, 1930 Location: Northampton, MA (Original document available here) Even if the gift of $10,000,000 by Edward S. Harkness to British charity stood alone it would have important significance in the development of philanthropy. This great sum given for the promotion of human welfare in a foreign nation will emphasize again the common […]

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Toleration and Liberalism

April 14, 2020

Title: Toleration and Liberalism Date: October 6, 1925 Location: Omaha, NE Context: President Coolidge is speaking to the American Legion about the ability of the American fighting forces to put aside racial, religious, or social stature during a time of crisis and unite as one Mr. Commander and Members of the American Legion: It is […]

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