Fifth Annual Message

October 29, 2020

Title: Fifth Annual Message Date: December 6, 1927 Location: Washington D.C. Members of the Congress: It is gratifying to report that for the fourth consecutive year the state of the Union in general is good. We are at peace. The country as a whole has had a prosperity never exceeded. Wages are at their highest […]

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Press Conference, August 13, 1926

July 23, 2020

Date: August 13, 1926 Location: White Pine Camp – Paul Smiths, NY (Original document available here) Mr. Hoover and I didn’t discuss to any extent the possibilities of the development of commercial aviation. The immediate question before the Department is the carrying out of the provisions recently enacted into law. It has mostly to do […]

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Press Conference, February 9, 1926

July 7, 2020

Date: February 9, 1926 Location: Washington, D.C. (Original document available here) I haven’t seen the statement of Representative Davey, of Ohio. If he did say that 100,000 civilian employees of the Government could be dismissed and $500,000,000 annually saved without reducing the efficiency of the Government service, I don’t think I should agree with him. […]

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