Press Conference, August 22, 1924

May 21, 2020

Date: August 22, 1924 Location: Plymouth Notch, VT (Original document available here) Everybody in? I have several inquiries here about a conference for further limitation of armaments. I spoke of that in detail, first in the address that I gave at the Associated Press meeting in New York in April, and I spoke of it […]

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Press Conference, June 20th, 1924

May 14, 2020

Date: June 20th, 1924 Location: Washington, D.C. (Original document available here) I don’t know of anything that the Department of Justice is doing relative to the I.W.W. on the Pacific Coast. If anything is being done out there, I suppose it is being done by the District Attorneys and local authorities. The matter has not […]

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