Polish Day Proclamation

June 3, 2021

Title: Polish Day Proclamation Date: January 17, 1919 Location: Boston, Massachusetts (Original document available here) Out of the strife of Europe is emerging the cherished hope of Poland. With those brave people, undaunted by generations of oppression, maintaining a national unity against the efforts of a triple despotism, the spirit of America has a peculiar sympathy. Theirs is […]

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A Prize Essay

April 7, 2020

Title: A Prize Essay Date: c.1895 Location: Amherst, MA Context: A prize-winning essay Coolidge wrote while attending Amherst College at age 22 When history looks beyond the immediate cause of the American Revolution for the justifying principles, it is very soon brought back to the spirit of English liberty. It is the same genius for freedom that has led the […]

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Essex County Club

April 24, 2014

Title: Essex County Club Date: September 14, 1918 Location: Essex County Club, Lynnfield, Massachussetts  Context: This speech was delivered about a month before the ceasefire and the armistice declaration that ended the First World War.  (Original document available here) We meet here to-day as the inheritors of those principles which preserved our Nation and extended its constitutional guaranties […]

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