Calvin Coolidge Says, January 19, 1931

January 7, 2021

Date: January 19, 1931 Location: Northampton, MA (Original document available here) It would be difficult to recall when the American Red Cross has appealed to the people in vain for money. The request is now made for $10,000,000. While that is a large sum, it is less than the daily cost of the national government. No […]

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Calvin Coolidge Says, February 5, 1931

December 16, 2020

Date: February 5, 1931 Location: Northampton, MA Summary: Coolidge writes on agriculture, and praises the recent efforts of the Farm Board concerning the agricultural sector. (Original document available here) The problem of agriculture in recent years has seemed so much the disposition of surplus production that very little public thought has been given to soil exhaustion. Yet […]

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