Calvin Coolidge Says, April 24, 1931

December 10, 2020

Date: April 24, 1931 Location: Northampton, MA (Original document available here) One of the developments stimulated by the World War is the increased attention given by our press to foreign news. Like most things in journalism, it is partly a creation of the newspapers and partly a response to a public demand. No doubt now can […]

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Press Conference, September 14, 1926

July 30, 2020

Date: September 14, 1926 Location: White Pine Camp, NY (Original document available here) It hadn’t occurred to me that there was any political significance in the time that I might choose to travel between here and Washington. It might help the members of the press in interpreting the significance of the actions of the President […]

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Journalism in the New World

April 17, 2020

Title: Journalism in the New World Date: April 8, 1926 Location: Washington, D.C. Context: To delegates to the First Pan American Congress of Journalists This is the First Pan American Congress of Journalists. In the number of countries represented and in the extent of territory embraced, it is without doubt one of the most important […]

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