Calvin Coolidge Says, April 2, 1931

November 30, 2020

Date: April 2, 1931 Location: Northampton, MA (Original document available here) Knute Rockne is gone. As a football coach he ranked at the head of his profession. In the thirteen years during which he trained the Notre Dame team there were one hundred and five victories and but twelve defeats. Five of his teams never […]

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Commencement Address at George Washington University

April 24, 2014

Title: Commencement Address at George Washington University Date: February 22, 1929 Location: Washington, DC Context: In this speech, Calvin Coolidge delivers his last formal address as President and embarks his wisdom to the graduates of George Washington University. My Fellow Countrymen: Compared with some of the older nations, our holidays are few in number. Being less frequent, they […]

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