Proclamation, June 5, 1926

April 21, 2021

Purpose: To extend a period of time in which people can pay for land. Date: June 5, 1926 (Original document available here) WHEREAS the Act of Congress directing the disposal of lands within a specified part of the Crow Indian Reservation, in the State of Montana, approved April 27, 1904 (33 Stat., 352, 361), among other […]

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Press Conference, June 8, 1926

October 1, 2020

Date: June 8, 1926 Location: Washington, DC (Original document available here) I have under consideration for appointment to the Shipping Board a man named Jefferson Myers. He was the State Treasurer of the State of Oregon. His term expired with the last election. He was a candidate for re-election and I think ran some 40,000 […]

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